Qwilt Content Delivery Network (CDN) - Products and Features
  • 26 Dec 2023
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Qwilt Content Delivery Network (CDN) - Products and Features

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Qwilt’s CDN services - through our deep relationships with Internet Service providers (ISPs) - offer better performance, relieve content bottlenecks, and ensure that your content is delivered in the quality it was originally imagined.

CDN Products

Qwilt's extensive presence across service provider networks are federated into a single global CDN with centralized and easy to use interfaces, enabling any content publisher to easily and cost effectively leverage the benefits of a global ISP-embedded edge delivery platform.

Qwilt has a longstanding relationship with the Streaming Video Technology Alliance (SVTA) to help develop Open Caching specifications that promote a healthy and collaborative ecosystem for all members, and Qwilt’s CDN products are built on the SVTA Open Caching specifications.

Qwilt offers the following CDN products:

  • Media Delivery - A carrier-grade solution for in-ISP network delivery of both live and on-demand streaming media.

  • Site Delivery - Instant, global reach distribution and acceleration of websites with comprehensive CDN features, operational and administrative controls, and security.

CDN Features

Both Media Delivery and Site Delivery products include a comprehensive set of CDN capabilities, described below.

Qwilt Cloud Services

All Qwilt products, features, and services are accessed via a centralized control plane called Qwilt Cloud (QC) Services, which provides both a graphical user interface as well as comprehensive APIs for programmatic access to all global Qwilt services.

Configuration Management

  • Service provisioning
  • Site creation
  • TLS Certificate Management
  • Service configuration changes, version control, and publishing

Cache Management

Easily configurable rules enabling publishers to maximize their use of the Qwilt CDN, including:

  • Cache key management
  • Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)
  • Header manipulation
  • Origin failover
  • Error handling
  • Content compression at the edge
  • HTTP status code manipulation
  • Request path manipulation
  • Debug headers
  • Traffic type optimizations


Flexible security features that enable a uniform security configuration across all CDN services:

  • HTTP request method control
  • Force HTTPS
  • Access Control Lists (ACLs)
  • HTTP version
  • Bring Your Own Certificate
  • TLS configuration
  • Cipher Management
  • Origin authentication
  • Routing Methods: DNS/HTTP

Content Management

Various purging capabilities, including:

  • Purge by URL
  • Purge by prefix
  • Purge whole site

Observability and Analytics

  • Performance Monitoring
  • Usage
  • Billing
  • Errors
  • Raw Logs

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