May 2024 Release
  • 20 Jun 2024
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May 2024 Release

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  • New API Documentation Platform
  • IP Allow List: Aggregate IPs into Subnets
  • Resolved Issue

New API Documentation Platform

Our new API documentation platform is now live!

The new platform is designed to offer enhanced features and a more user-friendly interface. The platform offers many benefits, including more seamless integration to the customer’s experience for accessing and testing the APIs.

The new platform is hosted under “qccloud”, and while most of the content is publicly available, some of the content is restricted and can be viewed by logging in with qccloud credentials.

IP Allow List: Aggregate IPs into Subnets

The IP Allow List API now enables IPs to be aggregated into larger subnets (for example, into /24 IPs). Aggregating into larger subnets - rather than listing all IP addresses used by Qwilt cache interfaces - reduces the number of entries listed, making it significantly easier for operators to update their allow lists.

Note that IPs will be aggregated into the largest complete subnet. For example, if all 4 consecutive /24s are present, then they will be aggregated into /22 instead.

Resolved Issue

  • In all QC dashboards and reports, customers can now change their timezone to be presented according to their desired timezone.

For additional information about any of the above features or resolved issues, contact

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