April 2024 Release
  • 20 Jun 2024
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April 2024 Release

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  • Origin Allow List API
  • Origin Retry Configuration
  • Origin Failover: Split Read/Connect Timeouts
  • Network Map UI Updates
  • Datadog Log Shipping

Origin Allow List API

The Origin Allow List API provides a comprehensive list of IP addresses that the Qwilt CDN can use to request content from your origin.

This list includes the IPs from all the networks where Qwilt CDN is present. Because of Qwilt's unique routing strategy, any of the IPs from any of the ISP networks could potentially send a request to your origin. Therefore, if your security policies limit origin access to approved IPs only, you will need to add all of these IP addresses to your allow list.

See the API documentation for additional information.

Origin Retry Configuration

Customers using self-service for Media/Site Delivery can now configure the number of origin retries before failing over to the next origin in the list.

The ability to configure origin retry helps better adjust for content acquisition.

Origin Failover: Split Read/Connect Timeouts

Customers using self-service for Media/Site Delivery can now separately configure connect and read timeouts to origin. This capability provides more flexibility to self-service users for content acquisition from origin.

Network Map UI Updates

There are new updates to the Network Map View UI. These include:

  • Reordering of deployed and planned pops: When an area has multiple pops in close proximity, the deployed pops will be reordered to be on top of the planned pop icons.
  • Aggregation bubbles for pops: When many pops are in close proximity, they will be grouped into a circle with a count.


Datadog Log Shipping

Qwilt keeps track of its HTTP transactions via transaction logs. These logs can be used for auditing, performance analysis, or debugging purposes - and are collected across the entire Qwilt deployment. The transaction logs’ output can be suited to your needs.

In addition to shipping to AWS S3 and/or GCS buckets, transaction logs can now be shipped to Datadog, via the Datadog API.

For additional information about any of the above features or resolved issues, contact support@qwilt.com.

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